Our bedrooms

are attractively decorated and furnished to the highest standard.
We now have WiFi in every bedroom and throughout the Home.
All room sizes comfortably comply with the national minimum requirements and provide for individual space and comfort. Most bedrooms are single occupancy and all have en-suite facilities.

Each bedroom is equipped with modern safety features including an emergency nurse-call point, thermostatically controlled radiator, smoke detector, window restrictor, electrical sockets and television point.

Every Resident is encouraged to bring personal items and furniture with them to make their room as personal as possible, not only for comfort but it also helps with the transition of moving out of their own home.

Temperatures in the home are monitored regularly and as a safety precaution, all radiators are covered. Water temperatures are also closely monitored and kept at a safe level. Shower rooms, bathrooms and toilets are located on all floors.


If you would like your relative to have a telephone in their room, please see the manager. If you would just like a telephone for incoming calls only, the proprietor can arrange this service for you.

We have a telephone situated in the hall along with a cordless which we can transfer any calls too and your relative can be shown to the telephone and receive incoming calls in a quiet area.